Sunday morning is only half the story! Everyone at Bridge Community Church is also encouraged to be involved in one of our Community Groups, which meet on a weekday evening in people’s homes.

These are smaller groups where strong friendships are built. Discipleship happens as we eat together, study the bible, pray, worship and share our lives together. 
Each group also has an outward ‘missional’ focus, such as caring for the homeless, or reaching a particular part of the city.
NorthSite: Our groups are arranged into 'clusters'

Debbie and Jamie's Cluster: 
  • Claire and Chris Jackson (North) (Various locations) - Exploring together how to live out the great commission (Meets on Wednesday Evenings)
  • Kate and Lloyd Maynard (North) (Stoke Gifford) – Encouraging each other in personal evangelism and going deeper in the Bible ( Meets Sunday Evenings)
Mick and Maggie's Cluster:
  • Phil and Lydia Adams (North) - Strengthening families
  • Mary and Geoff Ferguson (North) - Strengthening families
  • Tracy Green and Alba Wakefield (North) - Encouraging young mothers (Daytime group)
Karen and Ben's Cluster:
  • David and Deborah Yun (North) – Welcoming people from all over the world
East Site:
  • Didge and Helen Adams (East) (Meets on Wednesday Evenings in Emerson's Green)
  • Dan and Lou Button (East) (Meets on Thursday Evenings in Staple Hill)

Karen and Ben's Cluster (North) - 'Here for Bradley Stoke'

Within our cluster we have:

David and Deborah Yun's Group (North) – International Focus

Our vision is to be a community where people can share their lives in Jesus with us and grow into all that God created them to be. This includes worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry and evangelism. Welcome foreign nationals into our group so that they can feel at home in the UK.

We share meals and have outings together, reaching out to the international community in North Bristol, with the love of Jesus.

For more information contact David & Deborah on: deborah.yun@yahoo.co.uk.

We look forward to meeting you!

Debbie and Jamie's Cluster (North) – Reaching the poor

Our groups meet weekly to worship God, build community, encourage one another, study the Bible and bless the vulnerable of our city. We meet as separate groups most weeks, but join together as a cluster once a month to share stories and pray into the mission areas we are involved in. 

Our vision is to bless the city of Bristol through serving the poor, praying for the community and welcoming the poor and isolated well into our church. 

Current projects include:

HOMELESS OUTREACH – We work alongside Edge Church with their Streetlife project, which brings food, clothing and friendship to homeless and underprivileged people across the city. This happens on two Saturday evenings per month, although we hope that God will lead us to expand on this vision.

SERVING THE ELDERLY – There are many elderly people living locally to our church who have little contact with other people and would appreciate having people who will visit them and give them friendship. We serve the elderly in several ways:

  • Elderly befriending
  • Elderly Tea Parties
  • Purdy Court Church services
CAP MONEY COURSE – We run regular CAP Money Courses in different communities around North and East Bristol. CAP Money is a 3 week course which helps delegates to take control of their finances, budget well and get out of debt.

If you would like to get involved in any group, or would like any information please contact Debbie and Jamie on 07951103899.

Claire and Chris Jackson (Wednesday Nights) - clairejackson87@gmail.com
Kate and Lloyd Maynard (Sunday Nights) –lloyd.maynard@gmail.com

Mick and Maggie's Cluster (North) – Strengthening families


Within our Cluster we have Geoff and Mary's group, Phil and Lydia's group and Tracy and Alba's group. Our Cluster brings
these groups together once or twice every term. Our vision is to support and strengthen family life within the church and the wider community.

Our Community Groups meet on Wednesday mornings at 10am and Wednesday evenings at 7:45pm at a variety of homes in the North Bristol area. Our Cluster meetings are on a Wednesday at 8pm and we usually meet at our church office. 

We meet to worship God, build community, encourage one another, study the Bible and promote biblical values for family life. We aim to be a community of people who are committed to one another, who love and serve one another and include and reach out to people of all types of family background.

If you would like to join us, or just come along to try us out, you would be very welcome. Please contact Mick (07870 784362 or michael.lugg@bridgechurchbristol.orgfor further information.

Martin Gunther, 18/08/2016